100 Push Ups Trainer

100 Push Ups Trainer will help you train your body to be able to do 100 consecutive push ups. It will take you through a six week training program. You can see statistics about your training and complete achievements.


  • 100 consecutive push ups
  • Six week training program
  • Statistics about your training
  • Achievements

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7 November 2015

Too tough but I'm only in the 5th workout. I input the max number I could do in the beginning with good form and the program they put forth for me allows me to barely or even fall short of the goal of the 4th set. I don't even come close to completing the minimum amount for the 5th set. It does work in that I am stronger but that may be from just doing pushups vs not doing anything at all.


25 July 2015

It gives you a fairly challenging regime to follow and ive seen a lot of improvement in my push ups since i started. I wish u could log part of a workout. Ive used my arms in other activities and gassed my muscles before doing a workout. So i couldn't get through all of it and i was bummed to see i couldn't log a failed attempt. Other than that i like the app


7 July 2015

After only one week of using this trainer I have improved my weekly PST score. Thanks for a great app.


4 May 2015

I really use and enjoy this app. Ive tried a couple others and this one is the best match for me.


12 March 2015

Excellent value. Fast effective and quick


1 March 2015

Does wonders


4 February 2015

Excellent trainer. I just wish that we could override the pause between sets (shorten or lengthen it) , and go through the cycle at our own rate.


19 January 2015

Amazingly simple and easy to use. Which is exactly what I needed to get motivated again.


16 January 2015

I'm on training day five and have already increased my max by 5. I do wish you could preview the schedule and workouts.


1 January 2015

Good progression system. I'm 71 yrs of age and not a lover of exercise.

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