24-7 Solitaire

24/7 Solitaire is FREE, AD FREE, offers 14 fun seasonal themes, and comes with 4 great solitaire card games: Klondike Solitaire, 3 Card, and more! There's no greater value--and no better collection of card games--out there! Be the best all by yourself with 24/7 Solitaire's beautiful, easy-to-read cards and an easy-to-use interface. Now you can have laid back fun, or compete against your own high score, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


  • Undo Button
  • Official Solitaire Scoring and Statistics
  • Double Click (or Tap)
  • 4 Fun and Challenging Games
  • 14 Unlockable Seasonal Themes
  • Simple Interface (great for kids, too!)
  • Bright, Easy-To-Read Cards

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13 June 2016

A nice game to play!! I love it


15 October 2015

This is my most favorite of the solitaire games I have played. I play it all the time.


2 August 2015

I use this app on my two phones (iPhone and Window) and both of those have several more game variations than this app, including my favorite - Yukon. The app is being deleted from my tablet until they can upgrade it to equal status.


1 June 2015

I love these games...I am a senior citizen ...Iplay a lot of games...thank you I appprciate you........have a bless day


25 January 2015

Love this game! It honestly has NO ADS to distract you!


24 January 2015

I just downloaded this game and so far I like it, I will review it again later after I have played it for a while. Great so far!!!!


12 January 2015

Do like SAFE, no computer access play. I like to play fast and beat my own score ; BUT, cards do not always go into grouped suit, when all cards are played, usual delay. So there is a maximum score obtainable, you can not go above. Have to BUY card designs. Can not use card once card is put into ace suit. But good for the price, FREE. I have played better solitaire games though, same price, Free. Still fun to play.


8 January 2015

I love playing solitaire.


15 December 2014

in google and in kindle and other android devices 24-7 solitaire is one of the funnest with the great graphics, ability for settings (such as auto complete), several game choices, several theme choices and double click on a card to auto move it to the appropriate play... sadly in this version you have to click and drag to move cards (very tiring on the joints), the graphics are weak and slow, there are only a few Klondike solitaire choices and only the very basic theme. it's like they used technology a mere step above pacman to develop the Microsoft version...


19 November 2014

One of the best!!!!!

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