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Windows 8 version of game "aa"! Easy but very challenging! HOW TO PLAY: Just tap the screen to plug the small ball on to the center main ball as long as they don't touch others!

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1 December 2015

Really awsome😍😍😍😍😚😘😝😢😣😠


10 November 2015

This app is the best ever!!!!:D^_^;P:-O


6 July 2015

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9 June 2015

Ads literally cover up the game itself, so it's impossible to see what you're doing.


5 June 2015

It was extremely addicting but I was doing better that I ever thought that I would do then I accidentally pressed the stupid reset button. >:(


4 June 2015

Love it but its tricky .I played it for about 8 minutes and I am already in level4


24 May 2015

I've accidentally restarted twice because the reset button is right underneath the next level button. If you press it by mistake, it doesn't ask you to confirm your decision or anything. If it wasn't for that, I'd give it five stars.