Absolute Speed Bingo

Enjoy many hours of fun with this exciting and dynamic version of a classic casino-style game. Absolute Speed Bingo is the faster blitz version of the popular no-wait bingo game. If you like slot games or keno games this is a must try! Gain levels, unlock pictures and use powerups to win more bingos! Collect additional coins every four hours and complete achievements to get even more. Hit the jackpot by getting multiple bingos on one card and win huge payouts! Absolute Speed Bingo is one of the best looking and most exciting casino games out there, and doesn't require any prior knowledge of Bingo. If you loved Absolute Bingo, lotto or instant style games you’ll love Absolute Speed Bingo! Absolute Speed Bingo is a fun and entertaining break from other casino games like poker or slots, craps, roulette and blackjack. Keep playing Absolute Speed Bingo even if you lose your internet connection! Play Speed Bingo whenever you want, anywhere you want.


  • Generous range of payouts so you don't wait forever to win
  • Get free coins every 4 hours
  • Play powerups for more balls and special squares to increase your chances to win
  • Chance to win multiple bingos per card
  • Level up to get access to more and more features
  • Play bingo anytime, anywhere you want - no wait to start your game
  • Unlock collectible picture pieces

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26 July 2016

great game


8 July 2016

I like this game it's exciting to watch the numbers get covered.


2 June 2016

It is an ok game, kind of boring and it takes forever to get the puzzle pieces.


21 May 2016

I have multiple occasions where I had earned a puzzle piece during a game but a didn't receive it in my puzzle. I was quite mad about it and the same thing has also happened with power ups !!!


14 May 2016



9 May 2016

kinda stupid. Don't understand the concept of it. but I play it anyway.


6 March 2016

Fun game but run out of coins too fast


13 February 2016

A lot of fun! Fast paced, fun and a nice escape. Similar to Absolute Bingo, but in a speed form


20 January 2016

very challenging


21 December 2015

Like it

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