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    7/20/15 New feature: download box art for any game. Various minor bug fixes. 7/19/15 Update to improve UI performance when displaying a large number of titles on the main page. Significant changes to the backend to share code with an upcoming Windows 10 version. New UI feature: Added a background image for the achievements page. 2/19/15 New feature! You can now sort your games, either by name or by how long it's been since you got an achievement. No 2/15/15 Major update! Added filter and sort functionality, alongside various UI refinements. All users can sort achievements alphabetically or by recently unlocked, and premium users can select alternate filters in order to view unlocked achievements, locked achievements, or both! 2/9/15 Implementation update coinciding with initial release of Achievement Art to the Windows Phone Store. Significantly shrinking the size of the app package. 2/6/15 Update to use smaller image size for box art thumbnails on main page. This allows the app to display more games on the same page while decreasing loading time and bandwidth use. 2/5/15 Small update to a fix an issue where error messages were not being displayed on the main page. 2/2/15 Various UI improvements.

Achievement Art

Achievement Art allows users to browse their unlocked Xbox One achievements and download the achievement art to customize their Windows devices. Achievement Art is free to use, does not feature ads, and can be downloaded on both Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1. Showcase your gaming achievements on your Windows lock screen, desktop background, Windows Phone lock screen, and Windows Phone Start screen! NOTE: Please note that at present, Achievement Art does not support displaying games or achievements from platforms other than Xbox One, as only Xbox One achievements are associated with high-resolution achievement artwork.


  • Browse achievement art you've unlocked in any game on Xbox One.
  • Set achievement art as your lock screen image.
  • Download achievement art as a file to a local folder. Great for using it as a desktop background.
  • Browse your own achievements or those unlocked by your friends - all you need is their Gamertag.
  • Sort your achievements alphabetically or by most recently unlocked. Great for seeing your most recently unlocked achievement art at a glance.
  • A one-time upgrade to Premium unlocks advanced features across both Windows and Windows Phone.
  • Premium feature: Download all achievement art for a game in one click!
  • Premium feature: Browse achievement art for achievements which you have not yet unlocked, and download it!
  • More free and Premium features to come over time.

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17 March 2016

Will not recognize my new gamertag. Why?


26 June 2015

Incredibility awesome achievement pictures (especially from Halo MCC). Great app!!!!


9 March 2015

Fantastic app, probably will buy in the future. Art is full hd


30 January 2015

Simple and easy to use


21 January 2015

Got my dragon age background set. Just wish there was an option for desktop background