AE FreeCell Solitaire

A classic FreeCell game for fun! The most popular attractive card and casino game here. Any feedback please email us since we can’t reply on reviews. Thank you very much for all your support in our games! Smooth game play, awesome vivid sound as well as extremely beautiful graphics makes this FreeCell game much funner than ever. The game also offers 1 million standard deals for your selection. If you like classic card and casino games like Solitaire, Spider, FreeCell, Eight Off, Forty Thieves, Klondike, Blackjack, Slot Machine, you shouldn't miss this game! The main purpose of the game is to have 4 home cells with cards in ascending order from Ace to King in each suit. You may using the free cells as placeholders. There are 4 free cells, each can hold one card temporarily. Initially, 52 cards are dealt to the tableau in eight piles, facing up all of the cards. And you can see what cards are underneath the top cards. Move cards to cascades in descending order with alternating colors. Remember that the amount of cards you can move at once is determined by how many empty cells and tableau columns currently you have. Get it now! Enjoy the game!


  • 1 million standard deal
  • friendly gestures

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5 April 2015

I hate the AE Freecell because: 1. it can't be minimized, so the mouse movements required are large and hurt my wrist. 2. when I get all the cards lined up, it's boring and a waste of time (and mouse intensive) to place each card on the stack. I preferred the FREE Freecell in Windows 7 not because it was free but because it was easier to play. When your win was obvious, all the cards went to their proper destinations instantly. 3. If I recall, you could ask for a hint using shortcut keys. 4. you could use Ctr +z to undo. Now you have to use the mouth. and click for each undo instead of just holding it down. So I guess i'll quit playing this game. it's a waste of time anyhow.


4 March 2015

like it is fun


16 January 2015

I really enjoy the option to choose the game you play just like the free cell that came with my old computer. I suggest this app.;


13 January 2015



6 January 2015

Good graphics, but very cumbersome handling, no shortcuts (like CTRL/Z for backup etc.


22 December 2014

As a 67 year old married woman I don't appreciate the graphic of the sexy full breasted bimbo on the game's main page. Your graphics should appeal to the general public, not just some sleazy men. You should be more professional than that.


15 December 2014

I play this game when I just want to unwind. Or if I have a lot of things on my mind, this game is kind of like a mental decompression. It allows u to focus and think only about the game at hand, and gives me a break from my own thoughts at times. Thank you for making this game available. Its my inexpensive way to take a momentarily break from reality and "reset" my mind. Thank you for making this game fun and not too complicated!


31 August 2014

Nice Graphics and all. But why can't it auto complete after all the cards have been played correctly rather than manually have to keep double clicking until it's finished. Seems rather archaic. My free cell app on my phone is more intuitive.


28 July 2014

Once the hand is won, the game should automatically fill in the remaining cards and complete the stacking process. This game doesn't. It also does not react to the double tap process very well, all of which leaves much to be desired in this game. There is a lot to be improved.


10 July 2014

There is no continuous score tally or selection of games to be plaid. Otherwise - very good.

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