Airstrike Gunship Battle

Let’s download and enjoy the fully featured Air Strike Gunship Battle in the palm of your hand from Window Store at your Window device for free. It offers you the most comprehensive Air Strike Battle from your aircraft which is heavily equipped with heavy guns for attacking enemies in the ground. Get ready to operate the Gunship Battle aircraft for an air strike chase mission. Being the trained aircraft trained pilot chase and kill your enemies from air. In Air Strike Gunship Battle feel the conceptualization of the word War where you serve for your country against enemies and forces on the way of attacking on yours army headquarter. This is the real gunship battle game in which you can air strike, shooting and kill the monsters vehicles, Jeeps, tanks and soldiers which convoy and try to enter with the ammunition in your army base. You have assigned a mission as top air strike gunship fighter and pilot to kill and destroy the enemy army convoy ambush and stop them to enter in your base. You act as a one man army and fighter who needs to survive in this battle and complete the air gunship mission. Your air craft have equipped with the latest anti ground oriented weapons that are integrated with sophisticated sensors, navigation and fire control system and Ammunition to destroy your rivals and opponents, save and survive himself from the brutal enemy attack. Game Features: • Beautiful realistic 3d battlefield • Flight simulation combined in air strike gunship battle • Modern army weapons • 3D and HD Graphics • Strategic game play • Ai striking Summoners war game • Stunning 3D graphics in real physics gesture control Real sound effects • Good control of the weapons • Level oriented game • Accuracy of navigation and fire will bring better result How to play: • Hit shoot button to kill enemy • Swipe to adjust the playing screen • User zoom/camera button to closer look Download and Play “Air Strike Gunship Battle” and don’t forget to give your valuable feedback and suggestions for the improvement. We are continuously update our game.