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  • Category: Entertainment
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  • Supported processors: x64, x86, ARM
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    As part of our product strategies, we've given Animation Desk a new name - Animation Desk Classic, to continue providing you the best-quality animation creation app! In this update, we have improved the compatibility of projects imported from Android devices. Visit out Knowledge Base for tutorials to find your way around Animation Desk Classic: https://support.kdanmobile.com or write to appservice@kdanmobile.com. We'd love to hear from you!

Animation Desk Classic

* If you are using Windows 10, we encourage you to download Animation Desk for Windows 10 for the optimal user experience! Reclaim your creative side by witnessing the beauty of hand-drawn animations. --------------------------------------------------- Animation Desk Classic provides an intuitive drawing environment so that anyone can enjoy creating their own animated works. With an interface that resembles a traditional animation desk, each frame is completed in the working environment of a professional animator. Animation Desk gets even better with Kdan Cloud! Sign up for Kdan Cloud for Free to enjoy the services and access to AniZone. --------------------------------------------------- Main Features: *Friendly, gorgeous user interface Realistic environment for animation *Various painting tools with pressure sensitivity Pencil, crayon, fountain pen, three types of brush and eraser *Color selection palettes Bring your works to life with more than 100 vivid colors *Adjustable size and opacity for the brushes and eraser Manage every stroke to your liking *Onion Skinning See an overlay of adjacent frames *Four sets of frame rate supported The smoothness of your animation depends on the frame rate; choose from 3FPS to 24FPS (frame per second). *Easy file management Create and manage files under the thumbnail mode *Powerful frame manager Editing, copying, moving, deleting frames is simple! *AniZone AniZone is an open and ad-free forum that welcomes all animators to participate. Sign up for Kdan Cloud and get shine on AniZone. --------------------------------------------------- We value your feedback and comments as they help us make Animation Desk better! We also have access to the professional user community and constant refer to them for future product improvements. Talk to us on Facebook and let us know how we could make it better for you! www.facebook.com/animationdesk For instruction and demonstration, please visit our website. Join our Facebook Page to learn more about our apps! - Animation Desk: www.facebook.com/animationdesk - Kdan Mobile: www.facebook.com/kdanmobile


  • Make hand-drawn animations
  • Supports Layers
  • Brushes with pressure sensitivity
  • Adjust size and opacity
  • Color Selection Palette
  • Supports four sets of frame rate
  • Onion Skinning
  • Export/save files to Windows device
  • Compatible with files from iOS version

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27 September 2015

Can you get just a normal marker a completely basic line drawing thing the brushes and everything our great but just one bold line with no weird effects would be nice knowing I spent like 3$ on this like a permant marker tool Thank you


12 April 2015

I used it for a project- it sucked. It wouldn't export, and then it crashed. I do NOT recommend to anyone.


21 November 2014

I am extremely frustrated after working on over 20 project files to discover one day while working, it crashed and lost all my projects. The app opened and everything was blank. I managed to work through the many crashes, non-saving color palette selections, and the odd onion skinning behaviors...but this is unforgivable. I lost 2 weeks of project files in the blink of an eye with no obvious way to recover them. Be warned....export frequently because your projects are temporary.


17 November 2014

It dose not work with surface pro 3


10 November 2014

this APP can't work with surface pro 3 !plz uodate it because I really like this app


20 August 2014

When I try to draw something, the place where the drawing goes is not aligned with my finger at all. And then the screen also keeps flashing like crazy. Totally unusable.


13 March 2014

I tried the demo of this app, it works great, it does its purpose of what it says, I don't get the bad reviews of it, yeah it needs improvement and a more difficult option for the more advanced skilled artists but otherwise its perfect for someone that sketches animation.


11 March 2014

because if I cant easily access BLACK of all colors, among others, I wont be buying this app, which is a disappointment because I would love to get better acquainted with it.


24 February 2014

This was one of the few apps that might have made me want an iPad. I can't tell you how happy this makes me to use this on my Surface Pro! The app works great and certainly functions well. My main gripe is that, although it says pressure sensitivity is a feature, that isn't actually the case nor can I erase with the other end of my stylus (for Surface Pro anyway) I'd love to see Onedrive integration. Also, there are many things missing from the iPad version: -Customizable swatches -Full screen mode (pinch to zoom) -Stamp tool (lasso, cut, paste, etc.) -Blending tool -Video Tutorials -Sound Recorder/Editor Other visual touches like light box 'switch,' 14 simultaneous colors on screen ( 7 here on windows) animated page turns while frame switching and so on. Paper has weird texture. iPads is better (flat) Despite my gripes, I LOVE that this is now on Windows!!!! I'm going to spread the word to my Art Institute campus peers that Windows, not just iOS, is an artists tool too! Thank you!


6 January 2014

this application worked very well at first and I was very impressed. Now however, I get nothing but crashes whenever I try to play any of my projects or manage my frames. I'm extremely frustrated with the sudden malfunction of this software. It no doubt requires a fix, otherwise it has just been a waste of my money and a huge waste of my time and effort.

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