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  • Category: Social
  • Published by: Yutaka Tsumori ?
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  • Supported processors: x64
  • Language: English (United States) and 5 other languages ?
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  • Notes:
    v1.6.4 - Update visual. - Fix painting function. - Add clipboard import to painting. v1.6.3 - Fix: character count was wrong with few characters. - Change: Now can close Paint fragment with ESC key. - Change: Some UI feature. v1.6.2 - Update: gTLD list. v1.6.1 - Fix thumbnail not appeer over 140chars retweet. - Fix @username duplication in reply tweet by the toast notification. v1.6.0 - Support viewing and tweeting over 140chars tweet. - Support LINQ-ish query in filter language. - Fix seach stream won't work. - Fix could not unblock user. - Fix dismissed behavior for popup. - Fix thumbnail behavior. - Fix list title in subscribed list. v1.5.35 - Improve app stability. - Enable slack compatible Emoji picker. - Fix app crash when app resuming. v1.5.34 - Reduce memory usage. - Fixed thumbnail bug. v1.5.33 - Fixed retweeted status view. v1.5.32 - Fix app crash when thumbnail showing. - Make usful send button. (Phone only) - Update URL(TLD) strings. - Fix other app crash bugs. v1.5.31 - Fixed some minor bugs. v1.5.30 - Support more languages. v1.5.29 - Fix retweet bug. - Add message if retweet has queued. v1.5.28 - Fix retweet problem. v1.5.27 - Fix app crash after retweeted. v1.5.26 - Change retweet behavior. - Change little behavior. v1.4.25 - Add trailing space to reply text. - Fix authentication problem.


Aristea is an app to enjoy the Twitter. Timelines displayed in multiple column. You can see the timeline, mentions, lists at once. And, supports multiple user. You can see timelines of multiple accounts at once. ◾Inline thumbnail Images are displayed in inline thumbnail. Twitpic, Yfrog, and more photo storage service are supported. ◾UserStream enabled You can access to twitter via UserStream. And, Lists tweets completion from UserStream. ◾Powerful filter query You can displayed tweets in the column that matches the condition as you selected. It can make a filter column flexible and powerful for a conditional expression, it is possible to use all the information. This app requires a Twitter account. If you have no account, sign up at https://twitter.com/


  • Multi-column, Multi-user
  • Inline thumbnail

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21 January 2015

No le que no sé es como cambiar el lenguaje a inglés :(


3 December 2014

As I just installed this I like at first glance will try it for a while...


29 August 2014

Needs desktop push notifications otherwise 5/5


28 August 2014

If you are looking for Twitter app for Windows? then I recommend Aristea.


20 May 2014

Nice job dev, purchased! Beats Twitters official app Thanks Keep working on it