Armed Services News

Stay up to date on all the latest news features for the U.S. Armed Forces. Armed Services News gives you one location to browse all the latest content available from the U.S. Armed Services. Over 140 data feeds are available from the application, New feeds Added! The latest news, pictures, audio and video podcasts are all accessible from the application. Look at all the content or filter all the feeds to present just the most recent items.


  • See the latest news feeds for the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, DOD, and the Pentagon.
  • Browse the latest new items.
  • Browse twitter and Flickr feeds.
  • Play videos from the application.
  • Link to the website for the news item.

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8 February 2013

I love that this gives me one place where I can see recent news items for the military. My favorites list is constantly growing. It would be nice if more stories had pictures displayed in the app but I'm not sure if that would be a problem with the app or how it gets the data for the news item. Great App!


7 January 2013

Hint-CG is not just Computer Graphics....


31 December 2012

Great app but yea of course you forgot a branch of the military that you really should add in there. Will you know what branch you forgot?


15 December 2012

Love the recent feature!