Army Helicopter Air Ambulance

Army Helicopter Air Ambulance is an action packed army helicopter games. Fly army vehicle between war zone mountain hills and high explosions. Get your seat belts strapped to rescue war zone military superheroes who have been hurt with missiles, bomb blasts, gun shots, weapons, fire, smoke and pistol bullets. Get ready to encounter an extreme flight, precision driving, offroad destruction and much more. You’ve got a skilled and an under training ambulance doctor in your helicopter simulator to treat those war legends patients. An epic speed driving can save lives of army frontline commandos. Save precious lives with an ultimate rescue helicopter simulator mission. Take them from battle arena to the base headquarter medical camp for treatment. There has been an attack on US forces. There are big tanks, army buses, hummer, fighter jets, Chinook helicopters, airplanes and huge armed forces preventing the city craft strike and fighting against the allies. There is a need of a rescue mission to collect injured soldiers; the army war legends in this mayday situation. You are going to be the super hero pilot to fly an Army Helicopter Air Ambulance service. A constant shooting and explosions are taking place all around. Be careful, do not get shot by the enemies otherwise you will crash or explode. The cops, police force and army soldiers are working together to fight against the enemy. Turn on your machine’s engine, and start flying up in the sky. Carefully land on a hospital roof and park it on a helipad. Be an ultimate savior. Hurry up. Get the injured and wounded soldiers to the hospital as fast as you can. Pilot your own copter. As professional aviator transport patients from the war zone and deliver them to the hospital for an urgent medical help. The ambulance doctor is going to treat them urgently before they reach the 911 emergency ward for proper treatment. Get ready for the army flight simulator games to carry out a rescue mission in a war field. Experience some new and improved helicopter simulator controls, exciting gameplay and challenging missions. Immerse in a non-stop action and hours of entertainment. Take flight; rush towards the emergency area and save the people. As you will proceed with the missions, your helicopter flight training will get better and better. Be the frontline rescuer, fly the rescue chopper and let the engines rolling. Use your flying skills to take off, move around and land with precision. Everyone is performing their duties in war struck zone; the coast guards, police rescuer pilot, firefighter, medical staff and soldiers. The disaster is growing to different places. Pick the victims and survivors in this chaos to drop them off to the clinics for help. Lives are at stake. Feel the thrill and adventure. Rush back to the medical headquarter for patients’ treatment, drive with safety as fast as you can. Don’t let the assassins blow up your helicopter. Be the skilled superhero pilot. Grip the steering. Buckle the seat belt. Steer your chopper to the war struck zone. Collect the wounded warriors for treatment.


  • Smooth gameplay
  • Challenging missions
  • Drop the passengers to the hospital
  • Stunning 3D graphics in real physic gesture control