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    SkyDrive can now be accessed via the default folder browser.

Audio Recorder

Audio Recorder enables you to record and replay audio notes easily. Files are optionally stored in your SkyDrive account so that you can switch between devices seamlessly: Record an interview by using your tablet, transcribe it by using your desktop pc - and don't worry about the file transfer from one device to the other. Note: We've simplified the storage selection for Windows 8.1. You can now access your SkyDrive via the default folder browser.


  • Record audio notes with your microphone
  • Store the recorded files in your local file system or upload them to your SkyDrive account
  • Replay the recorded files, jump to specific positions or loop parts of the file

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25 June 2016



14 May 2016

Microsoft don't have any idea to create apps for example...... this app


15 December 2015

Recorded a file of meeting, press stop recording and its gone!!! not good at all


28 September 2015

I recorded commentary for a gaming video on this app. Well, I tried. The app shut down after two minutes into a video that took hours to prepare for and film. The entire video is trash now. Thanks for nothing. I wish that I could give a lower rating than 1.


15 July 2015

It shows that it is recording, but the recorded files just have nothing for the duration of the recording. And, yes, I did make certain it could access my microphone.


9 July 2015

Better than others I've used. You don't have to put your face up to the screen so it can here you, its good at catching sounds and voices. It keeps the sound steady and is in good quality when you hear it


20 April 2015

I, like others, tested the app and it worked fine. Then, upon using it for an extended interview, was unable to open the file, no playback and no save. Truly--avoid this app. My wish is that I had read the reviews, so shame on me. Getting rid of this off my system.


17 October 2014

This doesn't even deserve one star. I had an interview and as a last minute preparation I decided to download this to record the interview. I tested it out before hand and ti seemed to work. Its interface seemed simple enough. Partway through the interview, luckily, I realized it's recording stopped and I had to start typing my own notes. I hoped it at least saved the information from the beginning of the interview but NOPE. Absolutely nothing was saved from the interview but its great they successfully saved my test recording that only had me snapping my finger and tapping on the mic *sarcasm* -_-.


4 October 2014

IDK what happened it was working great for two weeks but now when I try to go back and listen to my notes it say "an error has occurred opening this file"


4 September 2014

Did a test, heard the playback, thought I was good to go. When I saved 25 minutes of recording, it saved the file but 0 bytes -- no content! :( Deleted it.

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