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    v1.99 - Option to remove ads for free, UI improvements, keyboard shortcuts (ESC=back, U=Undo), save to roaming storage to preserve all settings and statistics even when reinstalling

Backgammon Pro

The #1 most downloaded Backgammon app, THANK YOU! Backgammon is a board game where two players compete to get all their 15 pieces off the board before the opponent. Board pieces move based on dice throws. This is a game of skill. A single game can be decided by luck, but the more one plays, the more the skill is important. After ~30 games the true skill emerges. Even a beginner can beat an expert through luck of draw in a single game, but after several games the skill prevails. This version of Backgammon uses an advanced neural network in the highest levels, and will challenge advanced players. It also offers a fun experience for beginners, with lower difficulty levels and showing possible moves. The scoring is based on the official Backgammon ELO system, with each game increasing or reducing rating points every game or match. FEATURES: ========= * Worldwide online high scores * Play a Trial Game, or a Scored Game that counts towards your score * High res graphic board * Dice statistics history * Real time probability calculation * Achievements * Tutorials * 4 difficulty levels: easy to hard * 1 or 2 player mode * Many options: - Money or Match play style - Doubling cube - Sound on/off - Show possible moves - Animation speed - Auto-throw-dice - Strict tournament rules - Dice randomness - Show PIP and point numbers - Try different moves, then ‘accept’ or ‘undo’ - Beaver rule * Auto-save: don’t lose games in progress * Always fun: the phone plays differently every time Also available on Windows Phone, Windows 8 and Windows 10. In Windows Phone, 'Backgammon Pro+' paid version has no Ads VERSION HISTORY =============== v1.99 - Ad option to remove ads for free, UI improvements, keyboard shortcuts (ESC=back, U=Undo), save to roaming storage to preserve all settings and statistics even when reinstalling v1.15 - optimized for WP8, fast app resume, larger screens, higher resolution icon v1.14- faster dice rotation when there is a cube v1.13- new Mercenne Twister random algorithm, faster dice rotation when possible, do not throw dice if bar is full v2.11-2.12 - bug fixes, UI fixes


  • 1 Windows Phone and Windows Backgammon
  • More than 20 options, for beginners and advanced players
  • Online highscores
  • Money or Match play styles

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- 2 May 2021

My leaderboard stopped connecting when I accumulated 2000 points... Don't know if I uninstall and re-install if my score will be saved...


18 July 2016

AI clearly favors "convenient" rolls. Dice may be random in the way the app calculates randomness, but the timing of the AI rolls is anything but random.


10 May 2016



21 April 2016

keeps me on my tors


13 April 2016

Even in the basic level, it's still really stupid because if you have one of your stones out on the board alone, the PC will automatically eat that piece even though it's supposed to go easy on you. Now that is not something I like. But still, it can teach you how to play Backgammon in real life on a actual Backgammon board. I hope you find this information very convincing. And now, end it off with a little emoji: 😞😢😣😐😔 ☹😩👎👍💔🃏


24 March 2016

Game is BULL....


20 March 2016

Wonderfully challenging.


11 March 2016

totally disgusting how the dice are set up to get my chips every time. absolutely not fun.


6 March 2016

Not only NOT RANDOM but the computer gets more frequent and more timely doubles. When I really need a double and ( wonder of wonders ) get one, it is usually a double I cant use effectively, if at all. Also, when removing pieces from the board, the computer, with mind blowing frequency, rolls however many doubles it needs in order to win ( 2,3 even 4 doubles in a row ). QUIT CHEATING WITH THE DICE ROLLS AND PLAY FAIR !!!. Calling it like I see it, B.W.D.


19 February 2016

Used to be good until mid2015 when they decided to implement rolls that favour the computer and are extremely improbable. Have since uninstalled it and downloaded a better backgammon game.

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