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6 January 2013

Does exactly what you think it would, and does it with panache. I like the clean, advertisement free, design of the app, (with the tilted and half-visible 8-ball circle in the top left) and lets face it, for apps this simple the design is everything. Props to the developer for making a neat little app, keep up the good work!


9 November 2012

I love the design. You'll get a full 5* and I'll change the rating if I can dock the app. Otherwise, great job!


31 October 2012



1 October 2012

I really don't get the point of this app. I mean how easy is it to create a game with dumb, random responses? I asked it " is this app called Ball 8?" you know what it said to me? "Definitely not!" I mean, I just do not get the point of it at all. C'mon make some better apps.