All things beer. Gain access to well over 18,000 beers. Find a beer by brewery, category, style, origin or simply search everything by name. Use your location to find breweries/pubs nearby! Save your favorites, your party favorites and beers you've always wanted to try in your very own personal pub. Find similar beers to that of your favorites and share your favorite beers with friends and family. Learn the beer basics relating to terms, food pairings and glassware. This app was made by people who love beer, for people who love beer. Download Beerology today - this beer is on us.


  • Find a beer or brewery
  • Find a brewery/pub near you
  • Search by category, style, origin, brewery or simply search everything
  • Save your favorites
  • Save your party favorites
  • Save beers you want to try
  • Share your favorite beers with friends and family
  • Guide
  • Guide
  • Glossary
  • Glassware
  • Food Pairings

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11 July 2014

Good roll of location info. Flows well. Bubbly presentation. I'm thirsty.


25 March 2014

It won't let me find pubs near me.


12 January 2014

Like the easy access to everything beer. Just enough info to make beer drinking just that much more fun


29 December 2013

Index? Anything? Connecting with online beer reviews would also be a plus. I'm keeping the app because it has plenty of info, but inability to access it easily needs fixing.


20 December 2013

Needs a search function badly, and returning to home?


30 November 2013

Nice app but wish you could submit new beers and rate them.


9 November 2013

I think all the positive ratings are from people that work for the developer. Sure, the app is pretty, but without a search feature, it is practically worthless. Example - I love Ommegang beers. I decided to look for their brewery. The breweries are listed alphabetically with no opportunity to search. After 30seconds of swiping, I was still in the "b's". I happened to find one of their beers only to discover it was listed inaccurately under "brewery Ommegang". The categories are very broad, and also not listed as you would expect. The "Find a similar beer" function just gives you vaguely related beer types. There's no effort to rate the beers. Very disappointing for what the app could be.


6 September 2013

Am I just missing the simple search feature? Sometimes all I remember about a great beer is the name, not the brewery, the style, the origin, etc. It was an obstacle course to find any familiar beers. Blah.


14 May 2013

You should add a rating system to the beers in your personal pub


19 April 2013

I always have problems remembering that great beer I had the night before. This app has a very extensive list that is easy to search and makes finding similar brews simple.

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