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The best rated and most downloaded Battlefield 4 Stats app in Windows Phone Store is now available for Windows 8 and 8.1. This app helps you get in-game stats for your Battlefield 4 soldier. Follow you progress in Battlefield 4 any time with this app and don't miss a detail. ** Make sure you have account at to use this app. ** Inter your registered name and your platform then press 'Add Player' * Follow your friends stats. * Know your position worldwide. * Compare 2 players * No log in required. * Support live tiles. You can report us for any bugs or errors to


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15 April 2015

This app is awesome, you check your statistics on all your weapon, gadgets, & vehicles !!!! Oh, I also like how you can compare your stats & your friends..... Makes it better for when they try today they are better than you (So I just pull up the app & tell them to look; LMAO) and I just downloaded it about 30 mins ago & can't get off of it....bahahaha P.S -In my opinion it kicks the crap out of call of duty, js. Example- On call of duty someone can hide behind a wall & you can throw 100 grenades but the wall still stands there ?!?!?! Someone hides behind the wall on Battlefield 4 your ads & the wall get blown back about 50 feet #Gameoftheyear


22 February 2015

This pulled up my profile, but the stats were incorrect. Then there is a portion that needed a "donation" in order to view.


8 January 2015

This is cool


28 December 2014

Nice update! The new layout is nice and updates are working as expected again.


16 October 2014 doesn't really do anything except display the splash page. What's worse, is that it not only crashes, but slows down my laptop in general. I hope this doesn't have any harmful files.


17 September 2014

Display a lot of information, nice detail and graphics.


11 August 2014

I love how damn accurate and easy to use it is!


25 June 2014

khong choi duoc tren win 8


24 June 2014

This app can be a lil slow but overall a good app to follow your progressing!!!


17 June 2014

mmmmmmm tios no entiendo es un juego o es informacion acerca del videojuego? les agradeceria si me respondieran

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