Viviane has been a school guidance counselor for over 25 years. Born in Cleveland, Ohio, and a graduate of Euclid High School, she grew up bilingual because of her French mother. She made many trips to France with her mother and brother and learned early to appreciate different cultures and languages. Her father, of German descent, served in WWII where he met her mother. She studied in Salzburg, Austria, Jalapa, Mexico and lived in Brussels, Belgium teaching ESL at the International School of Brussels with her husband, Denny. She got her Masters degree from Ohio State University in cross cultural counseling and has been involved with foreign students ever since. She has worked in Hawaii, California, Florida and Ohio teaching ESL and counseling. She wanted to write a book with international flavor to teach guidance to children through animals. Her great niece, Anna, inspired her to write about the little red fish which she so lovingly took care of when she came to visit her great grandmother, my mom, Janine. Since everyone likes to draw, Anna and her sister, Ava, and my mom all helped to make the story come true. This is a lesson to all creatures, that we can all change our ways if we are mean and going down the wrong path. And that we can be good, loving and forgiving just like the little red fish, Bibimbop! Viviane plans on continuing to write her series of books on character education and animals. I hope you enjoy them!.


  • Read to Me - The book has prerecorded narration for playback
  • Record and Play My Narration - The reader can record his or her own narration
  • Coloring - Select pages can be colored and saved
  • Audio Preferences – Different playback options are available
  • Paging Preferences – The reader can select automatic or manual paging
  • Easy Navigation – The reader can go directly to specific pages