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  • Category: Games / Racing
  • Published by: Golden Hammer Software ?
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  • Supported processors: x64, x86, ARM
  • Language: English (United States)
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  • Notes:
    Added much better gamepad support: * Menus can be fully navigated without using a mouse or touch screen. * In-game gamepad controls revised to be more playable. Fixed an issue where the full version unlock might disappear. Fixed an issue where the game might freeze on launch on some machines.

Big Mountain Snowboarding

3D Snowboard racing on huge crazy trails! We've tweaked this game to work well on desktops and tablets alike. Each trail is a combination of a time limit, a jump score, and a number of gates to hit. Some trails are park maps where score is all that matters, others are race courses where hitting all the gates and finishing fast is important, and some are a combination of all 3. We have huge cliffs, narrow canyons, parks, tree runs and more. There are 4 ways to control your snowboarder: - Tilt Controls - On tablets with an accelerometer we have tilt steering. Tilt your tablet left or right to turn or spin. Lift it up quickly to jump. Touching the screen makes you stand up to turn faster, or grab your board when in the air. - Touch Controls - If you have a touchscreen you can select the touch steering controls in the options menu. Drag your finger left or right to turn. Swipe upwards to jump. Drag left or right to spin while in mid-air. A second finger or thumb will cause you to stand up, or to grab your board while jumping. - Mouse & Keyboard Controls - Click and drag to turn. Swipe upwards to start a jump. Right click will make you stand up or grab your board. The arrow keys can also be used. - Xbox Controller - Plug in any USB Xbox controller for a console experience. The trial version is limited to 1 map and displays an advertising banner. There are no ads in the full version.


  • Real 3d Snowboarding Action!
  • Jumps, Tricks and Grabs.
  • Tilt Controls.
  • Touch Steering.
  • Keyboard and Mouse Controls.
  • 16 Huge Snowboard Trails.
  • Bronze, Silver, and Gold Challenges on each trail.
  • Xbox controller support.

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18 September 2015

This game is all right but I don't seem to know how to win it


26 August 2014

This is without a doubt the worst app I have ever had on any device. I think I need to go to a hospital and see if my brain is even still intact after playing something so bad. Not even worthy of a single star.


25 January 2014

I hate this app it is horrible. Do not get this app you will regret doing that. It does not turn good and the graphics are horrible. I got this game thinking it would be good and it was not. Do not make the same mistake. Get Pro riders snowboarding extreme you can be active playing it because it really looks like you are really snowboarding. So do not get this app try the other one instead.


14 January 2014

Plays decently on Surface 2. Otherwise, meh. The flagrant disregard for aspect ratios in the menus upsets me greatly. I hate stretched graphics, it's a sign of poor workmanship. There is a weird graphic bug that makes the polygon of snow you are on top of turn very dark colored; it is very distracting. On the plus side, the accelerometer controls feel pretty nice and the physics aren't terrible.


5 December 2013

I tried the demo but it wouldn't load it just showed 1 sponsor then exited out repeatedly.


10 December 2012

stopped working after one day of playing.


13 November 2012

I would have given 5 Stars if there were more than two tricks available. As it stands, you can either (1) spin left or right, or (2) spin left/right and WAITFORIT!...grab your board. Yup! That's all folks! The people want more tricks! (please 😊)


10 November 2012

This game really sucks in many ways, the menu doesn't look that great. I can play for the first couple of seconds and then it starts doing things when I don't do anything. And it doesn't jump very well...