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  • Supported processors: x64, x86, ARM
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    This is the first version of Bigger Calculators. It consists of Standard and Scientific calculators. It allows users to change background, which it remembers and displays when the calculator is next brought up. There are several backgrounds to choose from. There is support for numpad, keyboard, % key in Standard calculator and mathematical expression parsing and evaluation in scientific calculator. There is support for docked mode too.

Bigger Calculators

!! Limited time offer !! Own this nice and cute calculator at a reduced price of just $0.99. Bigger Calculators app is the big brother of Bigger Caculator app. It builds on it and provides the same big awesome interface, without Ads or clutter, but with better user experience and is a beauty to look at. Bigger Calculators currently has two calculators packed in it: a standard calculator and a scientific calculator. Complex mathematical expressions can be evaluated in Scientific calculator. So it caters for both general as well as scientific or engineering calculations. It's perfect for casual, professional and academic purposes. Bigger Calculators comes with a number of built in beautiful backgrounds. Users can customize the background according to their choice and the choice is saved. Bigger Calculators supports number pad and keyboard entries. You can also copy/paste between the two calculators or to any other app. Keyboard shortcuts are available only for calculations in standard calculator. For example to do a calculation like square_root(((7+8+(-9))/3)*2), press 7, +, 8, +, 9, s, /, 3, *, 2, r in that order. Now there is a better support for docked view. So you can work in some other app, like Microsoft Word and can have Bigger Calculators docked on any side and can easily perform calculations using your thumb. User can change between Standard and Scientific calculator mode using bottom app bar. Using same app bar they can change background and copy/paste, For a limited time, this app is available for $0.99 and equivalent in many other countries. In future many different kind of calculators and features will be added and users will be able to upgrade to future versions for free, if they buy now. Please provide feedback and report bugs. We'll make sure that you'll get the best experience from our calculator app and the best value for your money. Your support will help us building Ads free cheap apps which are very simple but functional and useful.


  • Standard Calculator
  • Scientific Calculator
  • Mathematical Expressions in Scientific Calculator mode
  • Numpad support
  • Keyboard support
  • Customizable Background
  • Better docking view support
  • Copy, Paste between both calculators or to any other app

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27 July 2013

The calculator is BIG!! But there is no manual or a website to get help. There is only an email request for support. What is the chance they will respond or be able to really help??


12 June 2013

I really like the standard and scientific calculators. The UI is simple and the backgrounds are nice. Snapped view is okay for now, although probably you can rearrange keys and make them bigger. Please also add a programmer, mortgage, unit converter and date calculators. These two will do for now.