Bingo Frenzy Free

After the success of Bingo HD, we are back with a new twist to Bingo, Bingo Frenzy!! And Bingo Frenzy is Free too! Get new Tickets every 30 minutes! Our game of Bingo Frenzy can be played and will be loved by adults and kids alike. The fun doesn't end here, Bingo Frenzy has Multiplayer Gameplay as well. Now play Bingo Frenzy against Thousands of players in every corner of the world. Now comes the best part of Bingo Frenzy: The Power ups! Finish Bingo Frenzy with the Ultimate Bingo Power up the 'King'. Want more coins? Getting Greedy? Using the Treasure Chest power up. Easily go Bingo with the help of the WildCard Power-up. Climb the experience ladder using the Double XP Blitz Power-up. And many many more! Spin the Wheel of fortune to win Free Coins! Bingo is also known to a few as Tambola. ❖❖❖❖ Features of Bingo Frenzy❖❖❖❖ ✔✔ Social Leaderboards ✔✔ Six Exciting Powerups ✔✔ Beautiful Graphics
 ✔✔ Multiplayer: Play Bingo Frenzy with thousands of players across the world
 ✔✔ Six different Bingo World Themes 
✔✔ Connect with Facebook and play with friends
 ✔✔ Fast Paced Gameplay
 ✔✔ Spin to Win free coins Please don't forget to Rate and Review Bingo Frenzy


  • Beautiful Graphics
  • Fast Paced Gameplay
  • Spin to Win free coins