Birds and Blocks

In Birds and Blocks you have to help the birds! They can´t fly because of their tiny and small wings. It features 80 levels and is a lot of fun! Instructions: The goal is to get all birds to a safe stoneblock, because the other blocks are not safe for birds! Don't let the birds touch the ground or let them fly out of the screen! There are 4 different blocks: - safe for birds! - normal - bouncy - Ice You can remove the blocks by clicking/tapping on them!


  • 80 levels of fun!
  • Unique gameplay!

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20 July 2016

Just frustrating enough to hold my interest, still easy to stop and pick up later.


23 March 2016

Fun enough for a while. It is an interesting challenge to figure how to manipulate the blocks for the exactlanding of the bird on the stones. My 7 year old grandson enjoyed it for a while. Me too!


31 October 2015

My Grandson and I enjoy hours of playing this game


19 August 2015

not opening this game in my pc why it happend


15 August 2015

No place to find hints or instructions


30 May 2015

This is a fun game, but some of the levels are a little difficult to figure out.


4 May 2015

This game really tests your wits and is great fun.


9 March 2015

find a way to get her done


16 February 2015

I like this games but it is hard to


21 January 2015

The levels are to hard and the game sucks.

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