Block Puzzles

Kids enjoy playing these fun cartoon block puzzles. A large collection of classic block puzzles done in a cartoon style. Drag the block parts to the correct location to complete the puzzles. When playing with the default difficulty of medium the destination of the puzzle piece is hinted at by showing the artwork in greyscale. For a challenge you can switch the difficulty to hard and the destination hints are gone. If that's too hard, switch the difficulty to easy and the destination is shown in full color. Dogs, Cats, Camel, Sheep, Elephant, Cow, Lobster, Pig, Duck and more puzzles


  • Multiple difficulty levels (Easy, Medium and Hard)
  • A large selection of puzzles to choose from
  • Fun cartoon artwork from a professional artist
  • Easy puzzle selection screen

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25 September 2014

only rated 5 stars to unlock some puzzles.


17 September 2014



30 June 2014

Hours of fun!