Brutus the Watchdog

Brutus The Watchdog is the best guardian for your passwords and personal information. Wonderful user experience with the cool and handy interface based on tiles. All your passwords, access codes and logins will be stored, archived and protected by unbreakable AES encryption based on a master password chosen by you. By remembering only the master password all the other information will be kept secure in your encrypted archive. *** Fully functional free 15 day trial ***


  • Extremely customizable look: for every item you can change icon, color and number of fields
  • More than 800 icons, including the most common brands and logos (Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Skype, etc.).
  • Multiple archives for a multi-user approach or to distinct different data
  • Items can be grouped in categories for a perfect organization
  • Create unprotected archives for non-sensible data, store whatever you want!
  • Works excellent with touchscreen and mouse too
  • Supports Landscape, Portrait, Snapped and Filled mode