Bubble Pop is an amazing colored water bubble game. It will give you the feeling of playing with natural water bubbles with beautiful graphic theme. Get your tapping skill ready to pop all the target colored bubbles within certain time. Hit accuracy, as tapping on another colored bubbles will increase the number of target bubbles. How to Play : 1. Tap to finish all the target colored water bubbles within certain time. 2. Tapping on wrong colored bubble will generate new target bubbles. 3. Use all the Power up bubbles to complete the levels within time. 4. But be aware of the negative water bubbles, those can create difficulty. a) Positive Power ups - Blast surrounded bubbles, Reduce 3 target bubbles, Add up 5 more seconds. b) Negative Power ups - Add up extra 3 target bubbles, Reduce 5 seconds.

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4 July 2014

This game is not very fun and it doesn't let you tap the bubbles. And the lady start yelling at you. Like what the hell it not our fault that the bubbles didn't pop.


29 May 2014

Nice Game...Improves Concentration... :)