Car Parking Mania

Are you a good driver with good parking skill? Now’s your chance to prove it, in the most skillful and addictive driving and parking game in the Windows Store. How to play Control your car with keyboard or on screen controls. Park the car in the green area. When it's well parked, the green light will count down for 3 seconds, then you are done. ENGROSSING AND ADDICTIVE Car Parking Mania captures that great, ‘easy to learn, hard to master’ style of gameplay that will keep you coming back for more. With hidden areas and pick-ups and a driving experience that ranges from exhilaratingly smooth to devilishly tricky, there’s always more to explore, and higher speeds to hit! PERFECT CONTROL Car Parking Mania is a game about precision, style and skill, so it makes sense that Parking Mania offers different, beautifully balanced control schemes to fit every player. Experiment, find your comfort zone, and choose the control scheme you prefer!


  • easy control
  • easy to understand game play
  • wants skillful player

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7 August 2015

I like it


6 August 2015

Oops is what you get if you hit 3 object while driving. Play the game and see how good you are.


31 July 2015

like it but it stuper hard


30 July 2015

stay away fuckers 2 stars fuckkkk.


29 July 2015

This is a very fun game! I highly recommend Car Parking Mania!


28 July 2015

I love this game


1 July 2015

I love the game but if you minimize the game for to long you cant use the arrows any more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


24 June 2015

it is good


16 June 2015

I would really love this game if all of the levels were not super hard ,the game could be hard just not really hard .Like for an example level one ,it should not be so challenging it should be easy like when you want to ride a bike you think it will be easy but when you acullay get on it you find out that it is really hard


9 June 2015

Great skill game, gotta be good to get to the parking place.

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