Compare prices and get price alerts across major retailers you know and trust—including Amazon, Best Buy, Rakuten, Sears, Target, and Walmart—in just two touches with the new Cartbound Shopping List App for Windows 8. Cartbound makes your Windows 8 Charm Bar intelligent, giving you instant price comparisons as you shop. No more side trips across websites and shopping apps. Just share with Cartbound in your Charm Bar while on a retailer web page and you’re done. You can also search products for real-time pricing and availability just by using Windows 8 Search and selecting the Cartbound app. With Cartbound, you can pin any product to your shopping list and get real-time updates of any changes in price and availability via Windows 8 Live Tiles. Cartbound also allows you to sync your shopping lists across all your devices. For the full list of currently supported retailers and shopping categories visit More are added all the time. Cartbound. Search Less. Save More.


  • Price Comparisons in your Charm Bar. Cartbound provides on-the-fly comparisons via the Windows 8 Share Charm and pinning for automatic product alerts.
  • Search across major retailers for products with up-to-the-minute pricing and availability.
  • Price Alerts and Tracking via Live Tiles. Set alerts to be notified of product-specific price drops.
  • Cartbound automatically synchronizes your shopping list across your desktop, tablet, and browser (phone coming soon). Your shopping is always with you, wherever you go.

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2 August 2014

but still I love how you can compare prices once that is fixed


19 March 2014

I like the idea of this app but the execution is lacking. The app often gets stuck gathering product information (which makes it unusable).


25 January 2014

Need to provide tile notifications when something drops a specified percent


6 December 2013



29 November 2013

If I'm in the app, the charms bar shows it - however when I follow the instructions and got to say, Amazon, Digital Folio doesn't even show up as an option under "Sharing" in the Charms Bar. I'm using Firefox. Uninstalled, bummed 'cuz this looked awesome for a big online shopper like me:(


13 July 2013

Share charm "retrieves product info" forever. Good concept, just does not work. Tried multiple products.


4 June 2013

After installation Digital Folio terminates after it is run under Windows 8 Pro on my Dell desktop only showing only the splash screen.


30 May 2013

from what I saw, if the equipment is all good, you have some real bargains to look at. CS


29 May 2013

Digital Folio is the first application that I have found that use Windows 8 Charm in a very convenient way. For the first time you can shop and look for best deals at the same time without leaving the page where you found a good deal or what you think is a good deal.


6 March 2013

Just downloaded this yesterday and it worked perfectly. Today every time I tried to use it, it crashed. Needs a fix.

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