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    Release 11 (10/4/2013) -Emergency bug fix. Release 10 (10/3/2013) -Rewritten half the codes for more efficiency. -Fixed letters going off screen bug. -Fixed crash bug. -Re-optimized code. Release 7 (9/28/2013) -Changed trial to unlimited time. -Added a library of 2,000+ most common chemical compounds. They are listed alphabetically. They are also searchable via the search function. Simply start typing and the app will suggest which compound you are looking for. -Optimized the codings. The app now runs twice as fast as before with the calculations. -Updated balancing algo. Now runs more efficiently with error checker. -Still working on redox reaction algo. Right now, it works most redox equations. However, there are still a few types of redox equations that this algo cannot handle yet. Release 6 (9/24/2013) -There is now printing support for ChemCat! to do list: -redox balancer and calculations - next update -thermodynamics -titration -ionization -solubility -pH/pOH calculations -scientific calculator


New: Trial now has no time limit! This is a very useful software for students and professionals alike. Instead of doing calculations by hand, you can use this app to make complex calculations often done in the field of chemistry. Inside this app, you will find the most complete periodic table you will ever find. Every part of the periodic table has a meaning and purpose. There is a chemical formula calculation tool. Simply put the amount (in any weight unit, mole, or number of molecules) and the chemical formula and the app will calculate the molar mass of the compound, the total mass, the total number of moles, and the total number of molecules. There is a concentration tool page where you can do percent composition by mass, volume percentage, mole fraction, molarity, molality, and dilution calculations. There are also tools to do reverse calculations. For example, if you know the molarity and volume of the solution, you can use this tool to calculate the mass (in any unit you want) of the solute in the solution. There is an equation balancer. As always, simply start typing and the search function will insert the elements for you into the equation. There is now a limiting reactant tool. This tool will balance the equation for you and tell you which reactant is the limiting reactant. It will also calculate how much of the other reactants are used and what will be left. There is now printing support. So, when you are finished with a project or some work, simply press the print button, select your printer, and the results will print out for you. There is also a library of over 2,000 most common chemical compounds (names and formulas). All compounds are searchable via the built-in search function of metro. Or you can look for the compounds by their names in dropdown menu. They are listed alphabetically. This app simply has too many features to be fully listed here or anywhere. The trial version has full access to all features. The trial period is 7 days. Try it out and see for yourself :-) For more information, go to my website for a fuller description. http://livingenzymeapps.webs.com/ultimate-chemistry-toolbox


  • molarity
  • molality
  • periodic table
  • chemical formula
  • dilution
  • unit conversion
  • mole fraction
  • percentage by volume
  • percentage by mass
  • Chemical equation balancer
  • limiting reactant
  • Redox balancer
  • Printing results
  • Library of 2,000+ chemical compounds most often used
  • Conversion between every unit in the world
  • Printing
  • Chemistry tools

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30 December 2014

I am the developer for this app. I've been extremely busy with my day job (I'm an engineer) and I've been putting this project off for a while. I will be getting back to developing this app further to add more features and functionalities soon.


13 January 2014

Works great. It already has a lot of helpful features and I hope they continue to develop this app even further.