Cinelab for Windows delivers simple, on-the-go video editing capabilities directly from your tablet, mobile device or desktop computer. Our Gapless Playback system lets you preview your edits without rendering for quick reviews! Changelog: This release [Release 10] Change Notes: - Added .mts as a supported extension for input clips. - Updated for Windows 8.1: tile sizes, windowing modes, deprecated warnings - fixed/improved project file icons - fix error when exporting to MP4 in Windows 8.1 - fix error exporting to MP4 when input audio sample rate is 24 kHz - added DisplayRequest RequestActive & RequestRelease (so display doesn't sleep while playing video) - warning/confirmation dialog before adding videos above 1920x1280 Previous Releases: [Release 9] Fixes some minor bugs in WMV export and other minor bugs. [Release 8] fixes some minor bugs. [Release 6] has a significant number of additions and changes! 1. full timeline scrub bar in both Edit and Review modes 2. Durations of clips & playlist displayed so you can accurately make edits of a certain length 3. Completely redesigned 'Engine' for higher performance 4. Much improved support for high-resolution displays 5. Alternate layout option for Editing 6. Additional minor changes below: - welcome/intro screen to show how to use Cinelab, new features - progress indicator when buffering (going to review mode or while scrubbing) - whether export uses all clips or selected clips is now a saved preference - changed formatting of Upgrade settings panel - icons restored in settings panels - save prompt when loading a new/different project (if changes detected) - saved projects now default to Documents library, rather than video library - mouse wheel scrolling in edit view - rotating device no longer exits review mode About Cinelab: Designed by Film professionals, Cinelab uses a very intuitive touch interface allowing you to rearrange clips by moving them around on screen, tapping them to play, and trimming the length by moving handles on a bar directly beneath the clip. Rearranged and trimmed clip sequences can be rendered to new movies and shared via SkyDrive and email. Review your edits by pressing the Play button on the canvas directly in edit mode, or review your sequence in full screen before making your movie. You can save your project at any time so you can come back to it later. Cinelab is free and allows you to import up to 7 clips at once, giving you full control to edit, trim, export and save them as you need from the comfort of your couch. For the power-user who wants to edit like a pro, use the in-app upgrades to extend Cinelab and edit with as many clips as you want or use the export options to resize your movie, or rotate your clips!


  • Make Movies from your imported clips
  • Easily import, rearrange, edit and trim your clips using a touch interface
  • Upgrade to rotate or resize your exports and/or handle unlimited clips
  • Direct support for Nikon, Canon and other sources without conversion
  • Multiple timeline views and support for high-resolution devices as well as tablets
  • Save your project and reload at a later time
  • Power ful engine takes advantage of newest tablet technologies for gapless playback!

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24 December 2015

When I try to upload my video the program just bails out. Annoying!


24 November 2015

It is OK but I would really like to be able to do more than seven clips without paying.


29 October 2015

It cost money to do anything and it don't work!


6 August 2015



3 May 2015

I love this app so much because you can make films on it. I'm working on one right now.


17 March 2015

I have the paid version of the app and it doesn't properly upload my clips. I would like a refund.


28 February 2015

I had basic needs to cut and splice clips. This app does it good. I see on huge drawback and that is the exported clips are about 4 times the size of the original. I find that troublesome from space usage point of view but the exported clips are fine, as much as I can discern from a layperson point of view. I do find one feature greatly lacking and that is the inability to cut precisely where I want to. I can't select a frame where I can cut. Will need to look for another application to move on to. But as I said, from a basic usage perspective, I find this app to work just fine.


9 February 2015

every time I tried to upload a video it would but then exit out of the program every time


23 January 2015

Gave it a 1 because I couldn't give it a zero. All you can do is take the video clips and put them in a different order... lame.


4 January 2015

Thought was great until I open the app. You cannot edit easily or nearly at all it's all this coding stuff. Which is not helpful to someone without experience. This app is also very hard and stupid to use. But is good if you want to watch the video. Other than that it's pretty useless.

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