City Police Vs Motorbike Thief

Do you love driving police cars at peak speed?The best police chase game is here. Bank Robbery is common issue in every city. In a Grand Theft City is an ultimate escape route to runaway from Police arrest. Some Thief Gang have stolen some money and gold and are in MEGA City environment to distribute equally between your gang. A police Car has come to arrest you and your Gang. Drive fast and manage easy escape from the Police chase in open environment. Boost your driving skills through your well planned getaway from Cops. Become the driver and police chase the thief who tries to make the trunk. City Police vs. motorbikes Thief is one such high way racing game where not only you will get to enjoy pure fun and entertainment.In this game A real gangsters escaped from prison from Jail. As a police man officer your task is to busted the gangster. This City is full of Thieves , Cops and gangsters. There too many warfare, now its time to stop all the criminals and chase them one by one. In this best 3D Police chase Vs Thief challenge game you will experience the next level of high speed racing simulation game play. You have to expert fast driving and chasing skills with real time precision. Enjoy the warfare and theft arrest challenging missions. Now become a helicopter gunship Police pilot and engage in fatal air Strike missions in this fun and free helicopter flight simulator / gunship helicopter flight. How to Play Via Touch Device:: - Police Car Vs Bike Thief Mode:: - Control the car by three Different way tilt,steer,Buttons as u want Police Gunship Vs Bike Thief Mode:: - Control the Gunship by tilting the device - Press Fire Button when aimed Play Via PC :: - You are a Police Pilot and You have to control the Gunship by arrows keys - Use left control key to Fire on thief - Speed Up the Heli by pressing Z key from keyboard - Speed Down the Heli by pressing X key from keyboard - Left Shift key is for Siren on/off Police Car


  • Action packed Motorbikes game
  • 16 action packed crime pursuit missions
  • Challenge yourself with the next mission or replay a custom mission