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  • Published by: Akinwale Ariwodola ?
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  • Supported processors: x64, x86, ARM
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    New features in Release 7 Import OPML files from your local file system Performance improvements and bug fixes New features in Release 6 Feeds and settings synchronize across multiple devices Feeds can be reordered within the feeds list pane Ability to select multiple feed items for the Delete or Favorite operations Deleted items don't get restored after sync New features in Release 4 Themes Added the ability to delete feed items Fixed rare bug with feed item ordering Other tweaks and bug fixes New features in Release 3 Import feeds from an OPML file using a URL Background task for automatic synchronization Keyboard navigation using cursor keys Lock screen, tile badge and toast notifications displaying the number of unread items Fixed bug with stored feed items not loading after a Sync All operation


ClassicRSS is a simple feed reader which provides a familiar interface for reading updates from your news and entertainment sources. Subscribe to your favourite RSS feeds and read the updates the same way you read your mail. You can also search through your RSS feeds and share links with your contacts by mail, Twitter, Facebook and other share targets on your device. ClassicRSS is now available as an unlimited trial with no in-app advertising. You can choose to purchase the application if you like it.


  • Unlimited free trial with no ads
  • Feeds and settings synchronize across multiple devices
  • Manage feeds using the settings charm
  • Auto synchronize your feeds
  • Reorder your feeds
  • Search for feed items using the search charm
  • Share feed items with your contacts using Windows 8 share targets
  • Badge, lock screen and toast notifications
  • Keyboard navigation using the cursor keys
  • Import feeds from an OPML file
  • Themes

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3 April 2013

I hope I can read full articles inside the app, not with the pop-up browser.


11 February 2013

ClassicRSS is very nice. Mouse wheel and trackpad support is bad but if you search for the classic RSS reader feeling, this is as close as you can get! (using on a laptop) edit: update please! (opml performance) edit2: no seriously, an update would be extremely useful.


2 January 2013

I would like to have these extra features: - opml import - already added! thnx for the update!! - opml export - like in "dark rss" reader - add feeds by search - like in "dark rss" reader - send to pocket (read it later) - send to kindle ( user@free.kindle.com)


24 December 2012

Very good start, and FINALLY a simple, fast viewer that doesn't require a Google account! I would like more themes (preferable more neutral, masculine colors), and I'd like an option to auto-delete read items after x days. We can select all by CTRL-A but not delete by Delete... yet there is no Select All on the app menu but there's a delete... why the inconsistency? Also, it can be really sluggish on ARM devices, like Surface.


1 December 2012

This is a pretty nice application for reading RSS feeds, but needs a few more improvements to get a 5 star rating. 1) Need to be able to sync feeds across machines. I don't want to have to setup all my feeds on multiple machines. 2) Must keep track of deleted articles and not bring them back when sync is done. Very frustrating to read and delete 20+ articles, then the all come back when sync is done. 3) Give way to selected multiple records to perform actions on (delete, mark as read, etc)


24 November 2012

There needs to be a better way to remove already read items. It would also be nice if there was an online manual


6 November 2012

I was looking exactly for an rss reader that is designed like this one. Unfortunately it is not possible to import my opml file I exported from Outlook, no error, the feeds just aren't listed. Otherwise a great looking piece of Software.


2 November 2012

The RSS feed viewer works great, is snappy, and easy to add new feeds. However when it comes to the endless RSS messages that are published and no longer desired, you have to delete each individually by selecting, swiping, and pressing delete. No group deletion or multi selection capability.


20 October 2012

Very nice design. Shows lots of promise. Once it can sync with google feeds, it Will be my go-to for reader on Windows 8


22 September 2012

Nice application but without option to import OMPL feed file or import feeds from Google Reader this application becomes of a little use. When this option is available, count me first to install it.

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