Colligo for modern Windows provides an indispensable solution for field workers to get quick access to the documents they need to stay productive on the road. Connecting to the Colligo cloud service, it allows an administrator to select content stored in SharePoint and Office 365 to be distributed and synchronized automatically to employee devices. Tap demo to try out the demo mode or contact us at for more info.

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3 March 2015

Has potential, but still seems a bit sophomoric in its design. The UI is too sparse and leaves so much unused space (like many apps developed by first timers to the metro / modern UX). Conceptually though, the simplicity is good - allow an admin to define libraries that can be accessed in a controlled way, without having to use a web browser. Clean and easy for a salesperson to find sell sheets or product spec sheets. Still, I would expect so much more from the likes of Colligo. Keep trying guys.