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2 December 2015

Great for watching latest shows, but when I go to put in my cable provider it just shuts down or says my internet connection is down. Major bummer.


8 October 2015

I would love a bit more content though.


29 September 2015

this is an amazing app and I love it deserves 5 starts and is totally awesome the only way this amazing app could be any better is if you could watch all episodes and all seasons at once so you could watch it all instead of tidbits cause I watch with in big clumps. other than that If u enjoy favorites like South park Futurama or drunk history I would say you should get this app . and its totally free with a cost of a few ads.


12 June 2015

I tried downloading this app onto my tablet three times and it refuses to load, yet Netflix downloaded just fine. I tried using it on my smartphone and all it does is buffer. I can't tell if this app just sucks and a waste of space or if the universe just hates me. Either way, I need my daily fix of Jon Stewart, and this app isn't working.


14 May 2015

First: It more than often crashes or freezes, despite my internet speed and modem upgrade it will still act as if I disconnected at least once a show. Second: Missing content. I understand they don't want to put everything on the app, but I was just watching the daily show on the app and Jon Stewart specifically said during the interview with Reza Aslan that the extended interview would be on the web and the app. then a banner came across the screen that read "Watch full episodes & Extended interviews on or the comedy central app" yet no extended interview seem t be present. furthermore, I know this isn't a fault of the app but comedy central should just have the extended, uncut & uncensored episodes. theres no scheduled time to work with on the net nor are their censors.


9 May 2015

almost every show is blocked out and the shows that do play constantly pause to load even on good connections. Useless. Avoid.


3 May 2015

It makes me download it again and again but never shows up on my apps list.


23 April 2015

well you're going to see them a lot with this app!! I love that they made a windows app, and I like the features and organization....but the crashing, stopping, pausing....just playback is horrendous at times


17 April 2015

Glad CC is acknowledging Windows apps. Even BETTER, it's a Universal App, so it's now on the Windows Phones too. The app looks awesome! Easy to read, resembles their website and no ads. BUT there's two problems: 1) With the video playback, it splits full episodes into pieces (where the commercials would normally be) and this creates problems when using thru "Play To" feature (go to "Devices" charm, then "Play") when playing the episode to my Xbox One. Each break in the episode will stop the video from displaying through the XBO. 2) It forces you to restart each episode from the beginning, no episode resume. 2)It isn't integrated with the "Share" charm so I can't share funny skits or episodes with friends without going Other than that, HUGE THUMBS UP!


4 April 2015

I really, really can't stand this stupid app, it is just a waste of space.

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