ComicStorm is an app for comic books. It allows you to organize and view comic books in the following formats: CBZ, CBR, CB7, PDF, and Image Folders (for example for unpacked CBR's or downloaded comic strips. Viewing options include full-page, snapped to width, and actual size. In addition, there are continuous viewing options that are ideal for collections of single comic strips (daily or weekly cartoon strips and so on). The app remembers your last read book, as well as the last read page for each book. The trial never expires, and both paid and free versions are 100% advertisement-free.


  • Displays CBR, CBZ, CB7, PDF, and Image Folders
  • Has associated file types for direct opening of books
  • Organizes your library
  • Can show full pagelist while reading

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27 August 2014

Microsoft really need to implement some sort of screening for their app store.