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  • Supported processors: x64, x86, ARM
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    New Version 2.2 Updated for Windows 10 Now supports multiple device names. Improved integration with OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive)

Computer Tracker

DUDE, WHERE'S MY COMPUTER? neuTracker tracks your computer/laptop/tablet location when you can't find it. When Tracking is activated, neuTracker will take a snapshot from the device's Webcam (if available) on a preset interval, and upload captured images to your private One Drive with External IP Address look-up, Geo-positioning Data, and Street Address. neuTracker can be activated, and Tracked Data can be viewed, from any Web Browser securely. Find out where your lost (or stolen) computer is. neuTracker simultaneously supports multiple Windows 8 devices (Desktops, Laptops, and Tablets) - so install it on all your devices for safety, security, and peace of mind.


  • Invisibly runs in background
  • Does not track unless activated
  • Using One Drive, activate and view all Tracking Data from any web browser - even if neuTracker is not installed on current computer
  • Tracking Data includes optional Webcam photo (if available), External IP Address, Device Name and Serial Number, and embedded Geopositioning Location (if available)
  • Tracking Data is stored as JPG Exif Metadata, so information can be viewed from any photo viewer that supports JPG Exif.
  • Selectable Webcam if device has multiple cameras (i.e. front or rear)
  • If no Webcam is available during Tracking, will use default JPG image with same Metadata
  • Includes Bing Maps on Zoomed In View to view tracked street location(s) as well as an Address lookup.
  • Multiple Tracked Data Views (Landscape, Portrait, Snapped, Semantic Zoom)
  • Supports Printing Detailed Tracking Pages of selected Tracked Locations
  • When activated, starts tracking as soon as Internet is available
  • Variable Tracking update interval on Licensed Version - minimum interval 1 hour, maximum daily
  • 30 Day Trial Version is limited to a 24 hour tracking interval, when Tracking is enabled
  • Expired Trial Version can view and Print Tracked Data, but will not Track Device
  • Upgrade to Licensed Version at any time

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11 April 2014



2 December 2013

This App doesn't work and is being misrepresented. It is suspect! This App will only send a "Test" ping! I purchased the App and then had to contact Support, as it didn't work, but none was forthcoming. So I uninstalled it and got a refund after one week. The Creator of the App then contacts me and insists I need the updated version (1.5v). Long story short, there is no 1.5 version and now no Support. Do note: the folks giving it 5 stars also give his other Apps 5 star! It's bogus..


16 August 2013

clunky: like a 1990's apple computer program, (reminds me of Oregon trail)


14 August 2013

I was looking for a way to track my Win8 devices and this application fit the bill nicely. I thought it was really innovative to use SkyDrive to store the tracking data so it is available natively. I use it to track all of my company-owned devices. Works great!


30 July 2013

Very confusing and frustrating.


18 May 2013

Never could get it to work. Emailed support no response.


10 May 2013

todd l tubbs 68


17 January 2013

Only the test button works! Nothing else?


6 January 2013

This app requires SkyDrive but you can activate the tracking option from anywhere.


26 October 2012

this app brings security to my device.

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