Dallas Cowboys Fan App

The ultimate stop for all Dallas Cowboys Fans. This app includes live feeds, pictures, tweets, and videos all about the Dallas Cowboys! The ideal app for getting everything apps accessible with the click of a button or press of your finger.


  • Live Feeds
  • Videos
  • Pictures
  • Cowboy Tweets
  • Current Stadium Weather

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26 May 2016

Dallas cowboys are my favorite football team I watch there football games all the time and plus I am from TEXAS so I can brag about it about it all I want


27 August 2015

Team overview lists last playoff appearance 2009 ??????


17 November 2013



17 August 2013

This app as been improved and most problems fixed since my first review. Runs fine on Surface Pro now.... think I like my WP8 version better though. old ---- This app appears to load blog and news feeds but when you select an article, you cannot scroll to read through it???