Do you have a passion for art and paintings, especially of Indian mythology? If so, Dashavatar will inspire your artistic inclinations. This application is about Dashavatar - Vishnu's ten incarnations. The theme's philosophical overtones and visual possibilities add a certain drama and buoyancy, to the painted myths. ‘Dashavatar’ is the latest artwork from Bharat Tripathi’s huge anthology. His works are very conceptual and thematic. They draw inspiration from Indian mythology and are presented in figurative abstract form. Tripathi's depth and inner spirituality are clearly reflected in his works.


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  • SLIDE SHOW: The 'Slide Show' lets you view each artwork screen at a slow pace.
  • GALLERY: The image gallery displays all works related Dashavatar by Bharat Tripathi

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16 May 2013

1. There are three slideshow speeds, and even slow is MUCH too fast. I'd like to have each slide remain for 10 or 15 seconds. 2. Since the artwork represents the incarnations of Vishnu, it would be great to know which incarnation each piece represents. Perhaps an option for labels could be added.


30 April 2013

This is a very good apps to understand the lord Vishnu's different avatar/re-incarnation. He has already completed 9 avatars out of 10. Lord Krisha was one of them and he was a very famous among others . It is believed that current time belongs to his last avatar known as "Kalki". Author of this app has good painting skill to express his feeling in God..