Datazen Publisher

Create stunning BI dashboards from Excel, SQL Server, SSAS, SQL Azure, SharePoint and other cloud & enterprise data sources. The product can be used in two modes: 1. Standalone App: Users can create dashboards from local Excel documents, save them on their device and share via email; 2. Connected to a Datazen Server: Users can access cloud and enterprise data sources and publish dashboards for access by other people in their organization. To start your Datazen Server evaluation please contact us through Microsoft collects data about the use and performance of our free software. This helps us learn how to improve our products and give you a better experience. You can turn off this data collection on the Settings screen.


  • Touch-based dashboard designer
  • Complete dashboard publishing system
  • Excel, SQL Server and SharePoint data source support
  • Client-side data caching for offline access
  • Ability to create phone, tablet and workstation dashboard layouts

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8 December 2015

Experienced many crashes. switching back and forth with other applications causes many issues. The applications does not indicate password expiry when AD integrated. Hence faced many issues explaining to end users. No much flexibility on the gauges provided. Has lots of limitations which development team reluctant to fix when communicated. Does not support AD group authentication. Graphs tool tips overlaps and some times I have faced data level issues when using % values. The preview on the publisher is very different when published. The tools are not mature at all. I wish Datazen support the end users and clients better.


10 September 2015

I was really excited by the demo for this application, it seemed like the tool that finally presented both an elegant and responsive interface like PowerBI and the ability to handle basics of reporting such as hierarchies and drillthrough which PowerBI is missing. Having started down the path of using this for a professional project I find that it has severe limitations, poor filter navigation, and that both the designer and server crash silently, constantly and do not recover gracefully. I am greatly disappointed, there is still enough promise here that with improvements a viable product is possible but stability is needed ASAP.


29 June 2015

I have installed DataZen on a Windows Server. After that I installed the DataZen Designer and DataZen Publisher, but unfortunately both get hang when opening them and stock in intro page. Can any body help me?


23 April 2015

I've had a number of issues working with Datazen Publisher. At certain times, the application will crash for no reason causing you to lose your work. I've also had issues with the menu not appearing when right clicking on a connected server. After shutting down the application and rebooting my machine several times, the only way to recover is to uninstall and reinstall the application.


14 July 2014

I personally feel this app has a huge potential to become the next work productivity or report generator for many business please keep up the good work!