Deer Hunting 2016 Pro - Mountain Sniper Shooting

The army career is over now; a man decided to live in hillside jungle to spend the long summer season, he’s want to enjoy his hunting passion here because tired of city modern life style. He has only choice to get food from hunting to survive in jungle. Currently he has only one rifle which can be used for hunting but if he used his army shooting skills and successfully hunt some deer’s, he can earn some money and buy more different high range sniper guns like Dragunov, Hawk, MK11 and Mini Gun. It's time to reload your rifle and jump into the wilds of jungle, let’s imagine yourself as a hunter and enjoy to play a real time virtual hunting game. To kill a deer, simply find it with help of long range gun scope and follow deer’s to take a clear head-shots! You will see the most beautiful scenes like wildlife, forest and mountains in the game - the sounds of weapons, animals, birds and hunting of dear’s.


  • Cool graphics and background
  • Different Jungle Locations
  • Earn money to unlock 4 latest sniper rifles
  • Advanced sniper guns shooting experience
  • Slow motion Bullet Time Combo Effects
  • Jungle map to track your way
  • Original sounds of deer and bullets
  • High score and current scoreboard
  • Small game size and Easy to download
  • No internet required while playing

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9 April 2016

Stupid plus dumb


13 March 2016

I love this game