Demon Hunter 2: New Chapter

FANTASTIC HIDDEN OBJECT PUZZLE ADVENTURE GAME FROM THE CREATORS OF ENIGMATIS AND GRIM LEGENDS! Defeat the Evil as the last remaining Demon Hunter! TRY IT FREE, THEN UNLOCK THE FULL ADVENTURE FROM WITHIN THE GAME! Twenty years ago, in a frightening battle Dawn Harlock stopped the Archdemon Ragnar from descending upon the world. Turns out this was not the end of all the grim mysteries and adventures. PLAY THE SEQUEL OF THE CAPTIVATING "DEMON HUNTER: CHRONICLES FROM BEYOND" HIDDEN OBJECT GAME! Dawn’s foster father professor Ashmore died when trying to prevent the demon from breaking into this world. She realized than that she is the last remaining member of the mysterious ancient order of demon hunters and the last one standing in the fight against evil threatening to unravel this world. TRAVEL THROUGH 31 HAND PAINTED LOCATIONS FULL OF PUZZLES AND SECRETS! Her biggest concern was always to prepare for Ragnar’s return as it was already foretold. But Dawn kept herself busy as a detective, solving paranormal cases around the world and visiting mysterious places where the dark forces are hiding. A CAPTIVATING STORY PACKED WITH MYSTERIES AND RIDDLES! One day she receives a call from a mysterious doctor Stuart Williams, who claims to be Dawns foster father’s long-time friend. He promises valuable information about Dawns biological parents that may shed some light on her eerie past shrouded in mystery. NEW MINI GAMES AND NOT-SO-EASY HO SCENES! Dawns put on her detective hat to investigate the information that threatens to shake the core of her very existence. She will embark on a mystery adventure that will change everything forever. BRING ALL THE HIDDEN OBJECT PUZZLE ADVENTURE GAMES WITH YOU! OPTIMIZED FOR PHONES AND TABLETS, FILLED WITH HIDDEN OBJECTS, PERFECT FOR PLAYING WHILE TRAVELING. NO - WIFI REQUIRED FOR THIS OFFLINE GAME! SIGN UP TO OUR NEWSLETTER FOR NEW HIDDEN OBJECT PUZZLE ADVENTURE GAMES EVERY MONTH! LOOK FOR “ARTIFEX MUNDI” TO GET MORE HIDDEN OBJECT PUZZLE ADVENTURE GAMES LIKE THIS!


  • Play the sequel of the captivating "Demon Hunter: Chronicles from Beyond" Hidden Object Game!
  • Travel through 31 hand painted locations full of puzzles and secrets!
  • A captivating story packed with mysteries and riddles!
  • New Minigames and not-so-easy HO Scenes!
  • Immersive gameplay with plenty of hidden objects!

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21 August 2016



26 July 2016

Great game, I love it. Thanks Artifex Mundi.


25 July 2016

A lot of fun!


21 July 2016

Great fun!!