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    This in the new version of Didlr, built from the ground up for Windows 8.1 There's no better way to show off the awesome power of your Windows 8 computer than with Didlr. Didlr is for everyone, no matter how good you are at art. The simple tools mean anyone can join in. We're really proud of didlr and we really hope you enjoy it. Stay in touch with us on twitter @didlr MORE COOL UPDATES COMING SOON! :) Stay Happy! Updates in Added a new didl tile button to add a handy shortcut to the startscreen.


Draw and Share - it's that simple! Didlr is everything everyone is drawing! Draw on your PC, tablet, smartphone & on web. Share your creations with the world instantly! So you draw a 'didl' on your screen using simple controls. Didls are cool, they draw back just the way they were drawn. Didl ANYTHING. Draw what you see, draw how you feel. Draw stuff that inspires you and others. Use your amazing imagination. Draw anything you want to share! Didls are easy to share to your social networks, email, messaging... However you want!


  • New Didlr remade for Windows 8.1 - the award winning app just got even better
  • Draw didls using simple controls that anyone can use
  • Share your didls with friends, followers and via your social networks
  • Enjoy didls from around the world in a constant stream of amazing creations
  • Make new friends and enjoy didling with them
  • Follow trends as they happen - see a unique perspective on what is happening around the world
  • Share didls with other apps
  • Use your touchscreen, digital ink or even mouse and pointer to didl
  • Search for didls, users and trends from anywhere
  • Use simple colors, smoothing, transparent ink and didl on layers to create amazng artwork
  • Save didls as drafts then come back later
  • Take a photo or choose a picture then trace over it
  • Add captions to your didls
  • Earn Medls for doing great didls, sharing and other cool, fun things!
  • Choose a theme to match your mood or computer

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23 August 2016

When I try to log in or sign up it says can't connect to Didlr Like what??!


22 August 2016

I'm unable to create an account, every time I attempt to it say it can't connect to didlr.


24 June 2016

all the people that have created this app, bless you all because you have created something that artists an spend their time on this app so god bless you all!!!!


- 23 June 2016

This app used to be amazing, I have spent around 2 years on it, and I had so many drawings, I would spend hours drawing, or looking at other peoples profiles, it really is sad that such a good content has disappeared. I'm guessing something happened between the devs, since it doesn't look like they're working on fixing the ''missing data base'' issue anymore.


9 June 2016

just stupid. I had it before and it worked fine. now it wont even let me create an account.


29 May 2016

Used to be great and now it keeps saying "missing DB" and I can't find out why


18 April 2016

This app won't let me do anything. What the world I should be able to make an account. But no. What does DB mean?


16 April 2016

I've heard that this error called "DB" is blocking people from loging in. But I have a prediction their doing this for a reason maybe they'll fix it. But if we report this error to the maker of this app maybe he or she'll fix it SO DONT JUST GIVE UP WHOS WITH ME. ( agree if your with me or disagree if your not)


10 April 2016

What the heck? I can't even log in because apparently my information is "Unsuitable". I tried three times! Uninstalling now. Definitely not worth it.


8 April 2016

I can't even make an account to play and I just wanted to draw

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