Digital Video Converter

Digital Video Converter allow users to convert videos in Windows Media Files format to Mp4 format and viceversa. It permit also to convert videos in different resolutions such as HD, NTSC, VGA and much more. Now with a new interface and performace improved.

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2 August 2015

where is my money please give me back does not work at all


11 April 2015

NO good on Video-ts............


21 December 2013

Didn't even recognize any of the .mpg files that I wanted to convert, let alone convert them. Even though it was free, still was a waste of about two minutes of my life that I can't get back.


3 December 2013

Quick to install and quick to convert files so that videos can be played in Skydive.


5 August 2013

it would be nice if something on windows 8 supported mkv files


25 March 2013

doesn't actually change mp4 to wmv , only to other resolutions still mp4, I've tried 3 times with the same video and they are all just mp4 , that would be great if it wasn't already mp4 to start with and I need it to be wmv for dvd maker on my windows 7 computer.


12 March 2013

This app does for me what I need it to do. Its nice to actually get something for free every once in a while. Thanks.


12 January 2013

great,but the UI is so bad


25 December 2012

Very limited


17 December 2012

Would have been nice. Also, would like to see feature to show/auto select options based on the original source file... eg use source resolution for output.

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