Doctor Who (Unofficial)

Fans of the Doctor Who TV show can now follow the show with this dedicated application. This is a unofficial apps created by the fans. Fans can find many information related with their favorite show, from episode recap to fan art.


  • Upcoming show
  • Cast
  • News
  • Browse through seasons and episodes
  • View media asset (Banner, Fan Art and Poster)

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7 April 2015

One star only because I can't use NO stars. Wy does MS keep this in the store when it just doesn't work? Like everyone else who reviews this, all it does on my machine is tell me my internet connection is not working when it is working fine -- 65 Mbps --, same connection I'm sending this review of this cr-app with at


14 January 2014

this app is not very good thy say there's no internet when the internet it is very good. I don't recommend wasting your time on it this app.


30 October 2013

It says I have no internet connection when I do


16 August 2013

Keeps saying there's no internet connection when there is...