Dr Who Companion

Dr Who Companion is a must have for any Doctor Who fan. Get the latest images and character biographies for all your favorite characters.


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4 July 2014

I like the design and the split-screen mode. Sadly tho, this app is lacking any substantial content. Not sure if this is the same developer as the windows phone app, but that one has much more to offer.


16 March 2014

it is not bad but not great either. I mean it is free it is gonna be a little crappy! but however for all those nice people out there who are wanting to know more about it it is useful however if you are a whovian like me and know almost ANYTHING and EVERYTHING about the show then it is ofcourse going to b crap. Useful in ways, a waist of time in others get or don't, your choice! - morgan / whovian10


18 January 2014

This app is pretty neat, however it doesn't nearly have all the companions or enemies. It would also be pretty cool if it had separate articles for each doctor depicting each individual screwdriver and characteristics of each doctor.


14 May 2013

This could be a grate app. I love the start up TARDIS sound. Needs a lot more (Pictures, Friends, Enemies, Tools, Weapons, Transportation). If you could add a sound bored, this could be the only app any Whovian needs. And if you where to add news or even video clips of interviews with cast you could even make some money off this app.


6 January 2013

It's pretty bare right now, but if it could eventually include all the characters, sounds, and lore it would be 5 stars!


2 October 2012

A quick look at the app, but Doctor Who is cool. http://throughthepanes.wordpress.com/2012/10/02/dr-who-companion-mini-review/


22 September 2012

Hopefully updates are planned. While nicely executed, it is rather incomplete, has some content issues, and is not very useful.


21 September 2012

I love Dr. Who, but this is kinda useless