EaseUS FileManager

EaseUS FileManager is a software for Windows 8, with capability of easily managing your folders or files such as viewing, copying, etc.


  • Quickly view- directly access corresponding file directory in Windows by options (such as Pictures, Music and Videos) after launching the software;
  • Favorite - directly add frequently-used or favorite folders to Favorite for quickly viewing next time;
  • Recent - record your browsing history for quickly searching next time;
  • Pin - pin folders to the Start Screen in order to manage files conveniently;
  • Preview pictures- easily preview pictures with built-in Picture Viewer and then automatically play;
  • Manage files/folders- support normal operations for files or folders, including renaming, deleting, copying, pasting, cutting, moving, etc.
  • Open a file- open a selected file by calling system application;
  • Search files- quickly search files in a specified file area;
  • Sort files- provide four normal sorting functions in order to quickly search needed files;
  • Share files- share files or folders to SkyDrive, Email, etc.

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1 August 2014

I tried using this but it did not function like the old windows explorer. Double clicking a movie file does not play it.


9 January 2014

On a tablet i value 3 things. Speed, ease of use and look. This has the speed i want. Please change the tile color though. Its the ugliest on my start screen.


7 January 2014

Maybe it's just me but I haven't had a great experience with this app. I can navigate folders but cant open a file when I get to. What's the point in just seeing what's in a folder if I cant open it ? When in a picture folder I get stuck viewing to pictures and can't get back to the folder view without closing the entire app and re-launching it. I can play a music file if I select the music folder from the main screen but not if I navigate to a folder containing music using the file the file explorer. 2/5


2 September 2013



24 August 2013

Good, clean interface. No visual clutter. Easy to navigate. Favorites and Pin to Start work well. The only problem is that long file/folder names get cut off and there is no way to see the full name without opening them. If this is changed in the next version I will change my rating to 5 stars.


22 June 2013

Great file manager


13 April 2013

The functionality is okay, but it needs a lot of user interaction refinement. Confusing selection and command concepts resulted in me fiddling with the program for a few minute before I could successfully select and delete a folder. Please do some UI testing and refinement, I will try the app again in a few months and improve my rating if the user interaction design has improved.


9 April 2013

Seems to work great....would be nice to have pinch to zoom when going through folders....other than that I like it so far


30 March 2013

It would be great if you could add a group called computer where I could easily find all my partitions and connected devices


13 March 2013

It works well, it's fast, and it's less than 500kbs. This thing deserves more downloads!

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