Easy Freelancer

Easy Freelancer is a non-official app for freelancers who are using or want to use Freelancer.com website as their source of projects and income. This app, totally integrated into your Windows 8 system, will let you easily search for new projects in freelancer.com. This will help you also receive notifications for newly posted projects for the categories, or keywords and budgets that you choose even while the app is closed. The app will let you also browse the projects to read the projects' details, you can save them to bookmarks, open them in a browser or share them by email or social networks. The app can also be used in the snapped view mode, this will let you do another work while the list of recent projects refreshes itself every few minutes.


  • Searching for new projects by categories, keywords, budget range etc
  • Save the search options, to receive toast notifications and lock screen badge for new projects.
  • Snapped view mode, the list of latest project alerts refreshes itself while you focus on your work.
  • Bookmark projects to read them later or open them in your browser.
  • Share project with email, facebook etc.

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30 March 2014

Good work!


15 November 2013

Excellent content and great UI