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  • Category: Security
  • Published by: eSteps Informationstechnologien GmbH ?
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  • Supported processors: x64, x86, ARM
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    New features in version - A combination of Password and file as a master key is now possible - The language can be set in the options. - Access to files, which are located in the intranet network is now allowed - Added 5 new start images - Various stability improvements New features in version - New option added that files with any extension can be opened New features in version - automatic logout option improved - Search for items optimized New features in version - New option added that the menubar stays visible when the entry is changed - Added 5 new start images New Features in Version - For each eKee file a trash group can be selected - The trash search can be set - A countdown before automatic closing can be displayed


eKee is a safe and easy way to store passwords and other secret credentials in one file. This file is encrypted and can only be opened with a master password. eKee stores the files in KeePass 2.x format and is also able to open KeePass 2.x files.


  • Stores user names and passwords
  • Open existing 2.x database files
  • Use the search charm for quick searches
  • Display QR codes for use from a smartphone
  • Customize the display of entries
  • Quickly open and copy information
  • Open and edit KeePass 2.x database files

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10 November 2013

Pulled my passwords from Skydrive and had the app working in less than a minute. A generator would make the app much better but i'll rate the app for what it does.


12 June 2013

App is slightly useful. Without a password generator, it leaves the user to make passwords that are more likely to be breakable. App can NOT open a keepass V2 file is it uses a password AND a keyfile combination. Other apps currently do more and are free.