Fiddler's Cavern

My name is BOO GREGSON and I was born with Down’s Syndrome, in the year 1940 when the war was at its worst, but naturally, it had little effect on me as there was nothing I could do to help the war effort in any way, but it doesn’t make much difference to my life as I am very much loved by my brother Robert and his wife Laura, however, I cannot say the same for my father. He was disgusted when he saw me at birth and ran out of the house screaming and I understand now that he considered seriously that my mother should have had me aborted My mother was different and had she lived, she would have loved me too, but sadly she contracted cancer and died when I was just two. I am twenty-one now. My brother and I both feel that my mother really died of a broken heart due to the way my father treated her after I was born. My father left us in desperation after my birth and we never saw him ever again until he arrived one day to tell us to get out of the house. This narration is the story of my life, IF I COULD HAVE BEEN ABLE TO TELL IT, with the title of ‘FIDDLER’S CAVERN’ . . . but I am not able to walk properly and am constantly in a wheelchair and my eyesight and hearing is bad. I can see a little through my right eye and I can hear a little too in my right ear, but apart from that I just sit on my arse doing sweet damn all every day so you see this story is PURE IMAGINATION from my simple little mind. It tells you what I would have liked to have . . . had I been born normally. It tells you of my dreams; of the people I have seen from my chair and what happens to the lives of those around me.. Fiddler's Cavern, by Paul Kelly is packaged with an easy to use book reader. Once the app has been downloaded, you do not need an internet connection, so the book can be enjoyed anywhere.


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