Finger Paint (Ape Apps)

Finger Paint is an awesome finger painting application that is fun for kids and adults alike! You start off with a blank canvas, your imagination, and over 40 fun colors to choose from. Tapping on the pen icon will bring up the tools menu which lets you choose from small, medium, and large pen sizes. The Bomb tool will clear your entire canvas to the selected color. And of course, the save button lets you save your drawing to your Gallery. Additionally, you can share your photos with the world after you save them. This way you can post your drawings to Facebook, Twitter, or any other social network and show off your talents to the world!


  • Free painting app for kids and adults!
  • Unleash your creativity!

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21 May 2015

This app is simple and has great finger movement, easy to change line width and color. works great if your trying to explain something while recording the computer screen, should make that a built-in-option to make the app more unique and give it appeal to broader client base


1 August 2014

It makes me giggle like a school girl tee hee 😎