Flying Monsters

Control the cute bird and fly as far as you possibly can! Challenge you friends for a high score. Control the bird with the mouse, touch, or keyboard and be careful not to hit the top, bottom, or any monsters in your way! Collect coins for extra points and power ups such as berries and stars for special powers. Good luck!


  • Great re-playability
  • Fun for all ages!
  • Playable with mouse, keyboard, and touch
  • Challenge you friends for the highest score
  • Simple and quick

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14 May 2014

Good game


8 March 2014

First its slow and nice going bur after a while it gets fast and impossible to win


16 February 2014

I thought it was to hard to me😊 it was fine though


13 February 2014

This is just like 'Flappy Birds', except a little different, the developer of this app should make the app functional on finger taping instead of long term touching, it makes the game more fun and interesting, also should make the screen fit in unto player's screen, other than that I like it.


13 January 2014

similar to helicopter game