Frame your photos into memories and share them with your friends and family. Create unique and beautiful framed pictures with photos from your library or camera. Arrange your photos into the frames, pinch to zoom and swipe to pan for the perfect composition, and apply beautiful effects to each individual photo.


  • Frame your photos into beautiful compositions.
  • Choose from over 50 frames
  • Pan to move, and pinch to zoom for the perfect look
  • Apply color effects to your photos
  • Save your photos to the library or share them via your favorite Win 8 social apps

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8 February 2015

It amazes me that something like this gets allowed to be in the Store. Crashing every time I use it, it is in fact useless. Horrible, thinking of complaining to get my $1.49 back, I hate it enough to care about 1.49.


7 January 2015

Would be great app if it didn't freeze or crash with multiple small framed photos. Until the app is fixed not worth installing.


13 October 2014

You have to resize the photos to fit into the frame outside of "Frametastic"! What's that? The Image should automatically resize to fit the portion of frame being used, or let us resize it in Frametastic to fit the frame.. Definitely not Frametastic, it's Framesucks!


13 September 2013

A very disappointing app that has no instructions and lacks features in I-Pad version such as frame / color selection. Not recommended.


11 March 2013

This app doesn't allow you to shift your picture around. You can only zoom in or out. If you've crop your picture accordingly, then it works fine, but otherwise, it's annoying


3 March 2013

This app wont let you resize or change position of the pictures one they're in the frame.


11 December 2012

App does not allow you to resize pictures and center them within the pre determined frames. Will be good once this is fixed until then it's useless. *Edit* after downloading new drivers from synaptics you can zoom in and out using the touchpad but you still cant move the pictures around. Also the app crashes a lot.


2 December 2012

App looks good, but crashes when I try to add a picture.


20 November 2012

Crashes when I browse to skydrive photo in the 3x3 frame


7 November 2012

Glad to see Frametastic in the Win8 app store!